Issues when join MacBook to Windows domain, install PrinterLogic client

Recently I install 2 new MacBooks pro for domain users and met some issues.

Problem: Network accounts are unavailable

After binding the MacBook Pro to the Windows AD, the login interface still showed Network accounts are unavailable and I can’t login with a domain account.

Solution: Unbind the computer from the AD, and rebind it.


Problem: Unable to add server (5202)

Got this error message when I was trying to bind it to AD domain.

Solution: Found the MacBook name exists in the DNS server, not in the AD. Deleted it from DNS. But still had the issue. Then use Directory Utility and enter DC in the “Prefer this domain server”, check “Allow administration by:” Then successfully joined it to the AD.


Problem: Can’t install PrinterLogic client

We use PrinterLogic to manager printers and allow end users to add printers by accessing the internal PrinterLogic server via the Internet browser. But when I opened the PrinterLogic website by Safari, it did show me a Window to Install Printer Installer Client. But click Install button it just downloaded a file PrinterInstalledClientSetup.pkg. Run the pkg it started to install the client. It looked like succeeded. But it still asked for install client when opened the website again.

Solution: PrinterLogic does not work with Safari. Installed Google Chrome browser and accessed the PrinterLogic server It redirected to the PrinterLogic Chrome Extension Installation page Click ADD TO CHROME button to install it. Then opened the website again by Chrome it started to work.

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